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Our Mission

"To heighten our business by helping others heighten theirs."

We offer high-value live chat services through industry specific software and chat processes.

Visitor Chat is all about excellence and flexibility. Since launch we have offered cutting edge chat software development and user interface design, backed up by our industry specific chat teams and bespoke chat flow processes.

We work on diverse projects ranging from independent location clients and websites to complex enterprise and commercial networks. We follow three main rules: do it on-schedule, do it within scope and offer the best service at a lower cost than competitor products.

How do we do it?

  • By relying on the most talented pool of software developers backed up by our vision for excellence.
  • Our chat team go through a rigorous selection process, to help ensure a high quality of experienced chat management throughout the customer chat journey.
  • By keeping our team engaged, happy and motivated, we retain the best people to continue to deliver our service.


Our company is based on innovation, flexibility, development and knowledge.

  • Always to provide fully open working relationships with our stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Provide bespoke, reasonable and transparent client pricing structures.
  • Continue to always create and further our development of an inspiring and innovative technology platform.


Our mission combines work and talent. We seek to achieve extraordinary results by helping our clients make distinctive improvements. How do we do it? By leveraging best-of-breed technology and building a great company that is profitable and appeals to, helps develop and retains exceptional people.


Our passion for what we do led us here. Our vision guides our business every day: to provide the very best BPO chat service and software in the UK, while taking care of our people and honouring our values.