What is Visitor Chat?

Providers of Fully Managed Live Chat Processes and Software, specializing in Automotive, Property, Recruitment and Telecoms

Visitor Chat Key Insights
Key Insights

Detailed performance reports are made available from the Visitor Chat Reporting Suite. Monitor and track campaign success by website, department, stock type and more

Visitor Chat Useful System Integrations
Useful System Integrations

Visitor Chat software connects with customers across multiple platforms (Web/Portal/SMS and Social Media), integrated into one seamless chat management, back office and reporting system

Visitor Chat Unique Experiences
Unique Experiences

Working with an Account Manager, you'll receive a brand-compliant chat UI for your website, incorporating your colors, theme and logo. Unique chat flow processes provide a brand appropriate and tailored chat experience for customers

Visitor Chat Reporting Suite
Visitor Chat Reporting Suite

System Overview

Inside Visitor Chats enterprise level reporting suite, you'll find the metrics for effective contact centre management.

Tracking productivity, performance, availability and scheduling by teams or by agent puts practical and beneficial data at your fingertips.

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Live Chat operators
Live Chat operators

Additional Software Features

  • GDPR/CCPA compliant chat system
  • Optional chat handover between BPO agents and internal staff
  • "Guide-to feature" to help customers navigate stock and website
  • Intelligent system lead routing for multi-location/departments
  • Open book transcript reporting
  • Google Analytic Integration
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Service Overview

Get the most out of Visitor Chat


A modern and intuitive platform, accessible via browser or Desktop Application

Custom Designs

A unique User Interface that reflects your brand


Intergrates with DMS and CRM systems for automated lead loading via API

Clean Codes

Optimized coding to minimize chat feature loading times

Responsive Design

Built to display on any device (mobile, desktop, tablet)

Easy to Use

Accessibility features included

Available Everywhere

Software is accessible across your advertising space

and More

SMS/Whatsapp/Facebook Marketplace functionality

1000000 +
1500 +
5000 +

Visitor Chat is a service driven Live Chat company that helps businesses to enhance customer relationships. The passionate team at Visitor Chat are dedicated to helping our clients reach the full potential of the service.

Providing a powerful and flexible software solution which scales to meet the needs of any business is our ultimate objective.

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Visitor Chat Software
Visitor Chat Software

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At Visitor Chat we understand that every business is different.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to the most popular customer questions

Visitor Chat Automotive
Visitor Chat Automotive
Can Visitor Chat provide unique responses?
Yes, Visitor Chat will work with you to create a unique live chat experience for your website visitors.
Do you provide 24/7 chat coverage?
Our most popular package. Our chat team can be made available 24/7/365 to answer chats for your business.
What are the service fees?
Visitor Chat provides a tailored approach to Live Chat. Our clients range from low to high volume traffic websites. Complete our "Build a Package" form to receive a quote.
Can my company manage our own chats?
Yes, Visitor Chat provides chat software which is simple enough for an individual to use and powerful enough for large contact centres.
Visitor Chat Automotive Visitor Chat Automotive

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