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Venn and Visitor Chat team up to provide Venn Digital Customers with a new powerful, industry-leading managed chat solution.

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Live Chat operators
Live Chat operators

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Our Packages

Self Managed

A combination between you, and our operators. The perfect solution for businesses that want more of a hands-on approach but can't be available 24 hours a day to answer enquiries.

Fully Managed

Our team will take care of all customer enquiries, sourcing the relevant lead information to send across to your sales team as a hot opportunity.
A solution that our clients love, and is perfect for businesses that want an easy lead generation tool.


Fully controlled by your team in-house.
A great solution for businesses that want to go the extra mile and personalise each chat to the individual customer.

The candidate experience

Working with an Account Manager, you'll receive a brand-compliant chat UI for your website, incorporating your colours, theme, and logo. Unique chat flow processes provide a brand-appropriate and tailored chat experience for customers

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System Overview

Inside Visitor Chats' enterprise-level reporting suite, you'll find the metrics for effective contact centre management.

Tracking productivity, performance, availability, and scheduling by teams or by agent puts practical and beneficial data at your fingertips.

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Multi-platform Support

  • GDPR/CCPA compliant chat system
  • Optional chat handover between BPO agents and internal staff
  • "Guide-to feature" to help customers navigate stock and website
  • Intelligent system lead routing for multi-location/departments
  • Open book transcript reporting
  • Google Analytic Integration
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